Pharmacogenomics is the study of how genes affect a person’s response to drugs. This form of personalized medicine has become a reality with the advancement of technologies that allow us to understand the common variation in genes encoding for drug metabolism and drug transporters. It has the potential to significantly impact clinical research by predicting the impact of an individual’s genetic variation on metabolic capacity. PharmacoScan? Solution on array plates and DMET Plus Solution on GeneChip cartridges provide a robust solution that is cost-effective and scalable to high-throughput.


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Featured solutions

PharmacoScan Solution

PharmacoScan Solution offers broad coverage of industry-relevant, multiethnic content, and the capability to address markers in complex genes on the array-plate platform that has superior lot-to-lot reproducibility. PharmacoScan Solution allows clinical researchers to gain valuable insight into an individual’s ability to process drugs known to be clinically actionable based upon high, moderate, low, and preliminary scientific evidence. PharmacoScan Solution targets functional variations in all the key genes involved in the absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME) of commonly prescribed medication can help reduce the lengthy timelines and complexities within the drug discovery process. PharmacoScan Solution array plates are processed in the GeneTitan? MC Instrument.

Axiom Analysis Suite

A complete solution to data analysis for all Axiom arrays. From sample and plate QC to automated genotype calling and SNP classification, this easy-to-use software performs analysis in a single step and allows you to view QC results, summary tables, and SNP cluster graphs. Axiom Analysis Suite together with PharmacoScan Solution provide support for star allele and translation tables for key actionable genes.


The DMET Plus Solution utilizes a Molecular Inversion Probe (MIP) panel to amplify the precise target DNA of interest. The DMET Plus array is an allele-specific oligonucleotide array provides a single color readout on the GeneChip? Scanner 3000 or GeneChip? Scanner 3000Dx v.2.

DMET Console Software

DMET Console Software provides both the flexibility for user-defined reporting as well as the most comprehensive translation from genotypic data to star allele classification to predicted metabolizer status for the most clinically relevant genes

PharmacoScan Solution provides clinical translational research insight into 4,627 ADME genetic markers within 1,191 genes and selected ADME gene copy number variants on one assay. PharmacoScan Solution for genotyping on a microarray provides a robust solution that is cost-effective and scalable to high-throughput.

  • High accuracy—assay 100% of attempted SNPs on every array every time. No beads. No SNPS drop outs.
  • Comprehensive marker selection—obtain pharmacogenomically relevant data from greater than 99% of high- to low-evidence markers recommended by the CPIC, PharmGBK and PharmADME working groups. Includes markers for HLA imputation, KIR and sample tracking
  • Deep coverage for critical genes—incorporates highly predictive markers in critical genes like CYP2D6, CYP2C9 and CYP4F2, as well as copy number variation (CNV) calling in key genes like CYP2D6 on a single assay
  • Greatest number of overall PGx targets—accurately targets and assesses 4,627 ADME SNPs associated with 1,191 pharmacogenomically active genes, and includes markers for HLA imputation
  • Industry proven, low-cost, high-scalability—based on proven microarray technology providing precision, reproducibility, scalability, and affordability
  • Translation tables for ease of interpretation—offers translation of genotypes into gene-level diplotypes using star allele nomenclature

Pharmacogenomics is an important research area for the development of psychotropic, cancer, pain, and cardiovascular medications. Thermo Fisher Scientific offers various solutions that meet your PGx research needs.

  • For fewer than 120 targets, quantitative PCR using well-established Applied Biosystems? TaqMan? Assays combined with the Applied Biosystems? QuantStudio? 12K Flex Real-Time PCR System and the Applied Biosystems? OpenArray? platform delivers a flexible, cost-saving, and high-throughput solution.
  • For studies requiring interrogation of 120 or more genetic markers, the and Ion PGM? System for next generation sequencing enable a highly multiplexed workflow with flexible throughput at an affordable price.
  • For translational research insight into 4,627 ADME genetic markers within 1,191 genes and select ADME gene copy number variants in one assay, PharmacoScan Solution for genotyping on a microarray provides a robust solution that is both cost-effective and scalable to high-throughput.