Recombinant Proteins

Laboratory-produced, purified proteins serve as key tools for countless research endeavors. We offer an expansive portfolio or recombinant proteins for a variety of applications, including cell growth and differentiation, cell signaling, and studies involving disease onset and progression.

  • Value—Options priced below competitive brands
  • Quality—High biological activity and purity options available
  • Choice—Proteins with different sizes, species, and tags meeting different needs

Having trouble locating some of your favorite Recombinant Proteins?

Let us help!  To meet your developing workflow needs we have re-launched some of your old favorite proteins, as well as added a few new proteins that might be of interest for you.  Please use the links below to see the full list of our recent product re-launches and additions.  We have also included a cross reference here to help you find your old favorites now that they have new catalog numbers.

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Invitrogen recombinant proteins for SARS-CoV-2 research

To support your investigation into potential treatments, we’ve introduced a comprehensive selection of high-quality recombinant proteins for SARS-CoV-2 research, including spike protein, nucleocapsid protein, and angiotensin-converting enzyme 2.

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Select high-quality recombinant proteins and growth factors

Invitrogen Recombinant Proteins

Low-endotoxin and validated via bioassay and SDS-PAGE. They are provided in a carrier-free format ideal for cell culture or production of standards for ELISA or western blotting.

Gibco Growth Factors

Gibco growth factors have high biological activity so you can get more results with less protein, high purity to minimize interference from proteins or other contaminants, and proven compatibility when bioassayed with Gibco media.

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Clean meat is gaining traction in the market, but it starts in your laboratory.  Let us help you scale up to meet the ever-growing demand.  If you are interested in learning more about clean meat applications related to your cell culture needs, we have a team specialized in the product offerings necessary to successfully carry out these protocols.

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