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                EVOS Cell Imaging Systems

                Superb optics, integrated usability, compact, simple yet powerful.

                Designed by biologists for biologists, EVOS imaging systems incorporate high-resolution cameras, bright and digitally controlled LED light sources, and intuitive software to help you capture stunning, publication-quality images in just a few clicks. These fully automated, multichannel fluorescence or brightfield microscopes feature advanced imaging tools to handle time-lapse movies, multiwell plate scanning, image stitching and tiling, and cell counting.


                Easy to learn and affordable, EVOS systems are designed to eliminate the complexities of high-end microscopy without compromising performance. EVOS microscopes are exceptionally versatile and ideal for a broad range of imaging applications, delivering superb images and data in no time, over time, every time at an exceptional value.

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                EVOS cell imaging system capabilities

                Stunning, easy-to-capture images

                In just a few clicks, capture clear, bright, publication-quality images and videos that help you tell the story of your data.

                Image shows HeLa cell labeled with Alexa Fluor Plus 555 before and after 2D deconvolution with Celleste software

                Enhanced safety, minimal handling

                Safety is enhanced through onscreen (non-ocular) display, automated controls, swift decontamination, and easy routine maintenance. Control focus, zoom, pan, even stage movement through software.

                Image shows scientist  displaying and utilizing safety fetures of EVOS M5000 for research

                Powerful, intuitive software

                As easy to learn as it is to operate. Includes an array of tools such as Z-stacking, which helps you automatically assemble images from different focal planes into a single, optimally focused image.

                Static image showing the thumbnail of the video of the walk through” the Z-dimension of an object in 0.15-μm layers.

                Versatile across applications

                Supports a range of applications such as visualization of wound healing over time.


                Static image of the video showing the time-lapse video acquired on EVOS M7000 over 21 hours, cells are stained with DsRed-cadherin-4 and GFP

                Live-cell imaging

                With the Onstage Incubator option (on the M7000 or M5000), you can take time-lapse images of live-cell cultures to capture cellular dynamics within the incubator.

                Image showing static thumbnail of time-lapse of celll stained with Histone 2B-GFP (nuclei, green), Mito-RFP (mitochondria, red) With the Onstage Incubator option on the M7000

                Advanced image analysis

                With the Celleste Image Analysis Software option, automatically quantify and analyze cellular images. Advanced deconvolution and object visualization tools help you make the most of your images.

                Image shows quantitative data generated using Celleste software for percent positive cells after Gambogic acid treatment


                For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.