Scale of production for RNA embedded within lipid nanoparticle

Nucleic acid therapeutics hold great promise for treating a wide range of diseases—we invite you to partner with us to reach your nucleic acid therapeutics development goals. Explore our portfolio of high-quality raw materials designed for your oligonucleotide and mRNA synthesis to help you move your project from development to manufacturing and commercialization. Thermo Fisher Scientific provides expertise, services, and support to help you accelerate your productivity and innovation.

Platforms enabling nucleic acid therapeutic manufacturing across the globe

Our manufacturing facilities and platforms, located in geographic raw material centers of excellence, are deeply rooted in enzymology, nucleic acid chemistry, bioprocessing, and lipid chemistry.

Products and services from centers of excellence for NA therapy workflow
Gene synthesis
Regensburg, Germany
IVT RNA synthesis
Vilnius, Lithuania
IVT RNA synthesis
Milwaukee, WI, USA
Transcript purification
Oslo, Norway and Bedford, MA, USA
Formulation and delivery
Carlsbad, CA, USA
ISO 9001 certifiedISO 9001, 13485 certifiedISO 9001 certified
  • Phosphoramidites
  • Modified nucleotides
  • Chemulation
  • Custom chemistry development and manufacturing
  • Delivery molecules
ISO 9001, 13485 certifiedISO 9001 certified

Manufacturing scale-up to serve a global market

To better serve the growth in nucleic acid therapeutic development, we made significant investments in operational expansion with a new industrial scale manufacturing facility at our Bioscience Center of Excellence in Vilnius, Lithuania. And we’ll continue to invest so we can deliver leading innovation, support, and manufacturing capabilities to help accelerate your work.  

Purpose-built facility for IVT enzymes and nucleotides for mRNA therapeutics
Figure 1. Bioscience Center of Excellence in Vilnius, Lithuania. Certification status: ISO 9001, ISO 13485.

Expertise and support at every step of the way

Our goal is to support you at every stage of the nucleic acid therapeutic development process.  We offer integrated solutions across the workflow, custom capabilities, and the ability to scale with you as your project grows. Our skilled team from technical support staff to business development managers partner with your project team, providing the support you need to see your project to completion (including product customization, regulatory documentation, and more).

We recognize that as a critical raw material supplier, we play an important role in supporting your need for high-quality products, a stable supply chain, and robust risk mitigation strategies. Our network of manufacturing facilities enables us to supply high-quality products to our customers globally. Redundant manufacturing helps maintain that supply without interruption. Our sites are audit-ready, hosting hundreds of customer site audits per year.

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Customer service

Assistance with ordering, order status, and invoices

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Technical support

Technical assistance for all TheraPure product inquiries and selections, troubleshooting, and technical questions

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Business development manager

Help navigate regulatory processes, custom products, and service offering from research to commercialization

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