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Accelerating your drug pipeline from discovery to QC

Thermo Fisher Scientific has innovative solutions at every stage of the bio/pharmaceutical pipeline: discovery, development, clinical, manufacturing, and quality control. Our deep understanding of the challenges faced by producers of medicines allows us to forge partnerships that more quickly deliver next-generation drugs to market.

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Cells, proteins, target based assays, and services to drive efficiency in assay development, screening, and metabolic and safety assessment.

Robust products and workflows for therapeutic protein characterization from discovery to QC.

Robust products and workflows for small molecule drug assays and impurity analysis.

Identify and quantify drug metabolites with greater speed, sensitivity and confidence.

Single use technologies (SUT), labware, media, purification, and analytics for drug products, impurities, and contaminants.

Advanced tools for cancer research, including; cell analysis, transfection, epigenetics, genomics, and biomaker analysis.

Validated solutions for pharmaceutical microbiology laboratories, including; media, containers, labware, and environmental monitoring.

Compliant data acquisition and management informatics solutions, including; enterprise CDS, LIMS and SDMS.

Easily obtain fast, accurate material verification for immediate release of raw materials into production.

Solutions for scaleup and continuous processing, including extruders, rheometers, compounders, spectrometers and granulators.

Process analytical technology solutions for increasing productivity, improving quality assurance and control, and reducing operating costs in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing.

A single platform to track and manage data across samples, assays, processes, requests, and inventory. Our laboratory data management solutions track and manage data throughout the therapeutic discovery and development processes—from antigen generation to downstream bioprocessing and translational programs.

The Platform for Science is an underlying data management infrastructure designed to support workflows across your scientific organization. This flexible, extensible, cloud-based platform helps you easily collect, store, access, share and use your scientific data.

High-quality raw materials designed for oligonucleotide (ASO, siRNA, etc.) and mRNA synthesis from research, clinical development to commercialization.

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Improve pharma and biotech manufacturing processes and help ensure patient safety

Save time, improve processes, protect brand integrity, and ensure patient safety, from raw material identification through the pharmaceutical manufacturing process, to finished and packaged pharmaceutical product inspection.

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