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                Connect to Science is your portal to life science news

                Stay connected to the latest discoveries and resources to help you learn, grow and achieve success at the bench and beyond


                New technologies, science breakthroughs, and more

                “A failed experiment will at some point be followed by a breakthrough,” says cancer researcher, Dr. Olivier Humbert, who is literally trying to correct mutations in the DNA of cancer patients.


                Educational articles, webinars, learning centers, and more

                In a quest for lifelong learning by literally sampling the world around him, see how one scientist’s journey spans from subway samples to the NASA twin study.


                Tools to navigate your daily work in the lab and enrich your science journey

                Dr. Una FitzGerald couldn’t unsee wastefulness in her lab once she learned that a bench scientist produces about 15 times as much plastic waste as the average person so here’s what she did about it.

                Be Inspired

                Stories about connecting through science, diversity, and social awareness

                Explore Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) in the scientific community: in this video series, “The Big Bang Theory’s” Kunal Nayyar interviews some of the most brilliant, young, scientific and diverse minds to learn how they "science."