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                Training and Education for Your Lab

                We are committed to supporting our customers, strengthening lab performance, and improving services. This dedication leads to better equipped labs that can play an important role in ensuring that healthcare providers have access to the most clinically relevant results, every time a test is run on one of our instruments.

                We understand that delivering effective and professional training support to our customers is crucial to achieving that goal.


                People-first approach to service and support

                People are the most valuable assets in any lab. We are dedicated to keeping you up to date on the latest application, instrument, maintenance, and safety training in the most convenient ways possible by offering professional training. Whether you need to understand a core instrument function, learn how to conduct proper routine maintenance, or optimize an application or process, we are here to help you develop the knowledge and competence you need to be successful.


                We offer comprehensive professional training and certification through a variety of convenient platforms, including:

                Classroom settings for in-person learning.


                On-site instruction from manufacturer-trained experts.


                On-demand PACE accredited programs.

                Please contact your representative to learn more about our offerings and availability of training programs in your region.
                Contact Us
                These products may not be cleared for use in your country. Please contact your sales representative for information about specific product availability.